Coconut oil in Skin Treatment

Coconut oil has been used for a long time for use on the skin.  Not surprisingly it  can be used successfully  for skin hydration safely.  Currently it is being used both in hair care products as well as skin care products.

There is evidence also that virgin coconut oil (VCO) , as well as sunflower seed helps maintain healthy skin in low-birth-weight babies.  It also seems  it also has antibacterial properties as  confirmed in preliminary studies.

Are there potential side effects?  Yes.  Some people may develop a skin reaction, however the risk is low .

So, if your skin is dry, bathe or shower with a gentle moisturizing  soap, rinse and pat dry.  Then put coconut oil to maintain the moisture and hydration.

Acne in Darker Skin Types

Acne is a problem for anyone who has it, but in darker skinned individuals pigmentation (darker spots) is a real issue.  This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).  Physicians treating this condition need to be careful with products used as to not cause more inflammation and skin irritation

Even before the acne is visible, medication applied may reduce the inflammation and therefore reduce pigmentaion.  There are specific medications that are less likely to irritate than the commonly used retinol based creams.

A prescription containing hydroquinone may be given for a short time followed by a hydroquinone free product.  At all times sun protection must be used.

So don’t give up!  For a clearer complexion make sure you visit a qualified doctor experienced in this area.


Excess sweating

Hyperhidrosis , or excess sweating affects approximately 2-3% of the population. It can be embarrassing for many people.
If antiperspirants do not control the sweating, and your doctor has ruled out metabolic causes, did you know that Botox (R) medical may be used quite effectively and that most insurance plans cover the cost of the product?
By using a small needle, it is injected into the armpit area and has successfully treated many people. At Clarite, we find that most people need injections between every 6 – 12 months.
Additional information may be found at and
Our medical director at Clarite has been providing this service for over 6 years with many satisfied clients.

Peptides in Skincare Products

You have heard about  skincare products with peptides , but do you know what they are?
Peptides can help reduce fine and moderate wrinkles by increased collagen production.
There are several that have shown to exhibit significant improvement, but not all products have equally active ingredients.
For the best result they are used in combination with antioxidants,  sunscreen and retinoids.


Electrolysis and laser are the two best methods for permanent hair reduction. Electrolysis has the advantage over lasers of being able to remove white and grey hair. Lasers are too dangerous to be used in the eye region, so electrolysis is the preferred treatment here, and is also the preferred method of hair removal on the chin and upper lip.

With electrolysis, the technician cleanses the skin and inserts a tiny sterile probe into the hair follicle. A small electric current is then delivered, destroying the follicle. Like lasers, electrolysis works on the hairs that are growing and visible at the time of treatment. For that reason several treatments are usually necessary.

We prefer not to use electrolysis on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or on anyone with a pacemaker.

Aging Gracefully

The benefits of cosmetic treatments can be enjoyed at any age. As one ages, there is a loss of tissue volume which can create a tired or sunken appearance. This is where fillers are successfully used, restoring volume and giving a huge positive impact on how one is perceived. Fillers soften the features, reducing the sad and tired look that age can bring. Not only perception by others, but self-perception is enhanced, which can increase morale, motivation and energy.

Another improvement to aging features is achieved with neuromodulators such as Botox ® or Xeomin ®, which are used to help relax and soften lines, typically those which give the “11’s” or “scowl” look. The challenge here is that often the lines can be quite deep after years of muscle contraction. The results with these neuromodulators can take longer to show with older people, but can still be quite noticeable and well worthwhile waiting for. There are some medical conditions for which neuromodulators should not be used, such as with Bell’s palsy.

Mature skin tends to be thinner, and often patients may be on medications such as blood thinners and others which need to be taken into account.

At Clarite, age is used to help analyze a client’s skin. High grade cosmeceuticals, gentle peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling and other modalities are used to help clarify pigment and texture.

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair reduction available for those grey or white hairs on the face – laser is only useful if the hair has darker pigmentation than the skin itself. Clarite offers electrolysis as well as comprehensive laser treatments for hair removal.

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Laser Hair Reduction

There are two main  methods of permanent hair reduction: electrolysis and laser.    Anyone who says they offer permanent hair removal is offering misleading information.  There is no such thing – this is a myth.   Why?  Because eventually some hair will grow where the hair has been in a dormant phase, so it is impossible to achieve 100% hair removal.  But — one can expect about an 80% reduction in hair.

What is electrolysis?  This is a method where electric energy is used through a tiny probe to kill the hair follicle.  Hairs must be targeted one by one individually.

Laser uses heat energy of a very specific wavelength to target the melanin  (pigment) in the hair follicle.  As with electrolysis, only hairs in the growth cycle are affected.  Unlike electrolysis, many hair follicles are treated at once.  Several kinds of lasers are available.  At Clarite, we offer 2 lasers of different wavelengths including one which is safer for darker skin types or tanned individuals.  Laser does not work on blond or white hair.