Preparing the Skin Before a Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion

Why prepare the skin?  Imagine this – you are coming in for a treatment to remove a superficial layer of the skin either through chemical exfoliation (chemical peel) or physical exfoliation (microdermabrasion).  If the skin underneath is not in good health, your procedure may not have the outcome you would like.

We prefer to pre-treat with effective products that will enhance the procedure and help restore skin health.  There are many different cosmeceuticals used containing effective vitamin treatments.  We help you find a regime that works with what you like – ranging from “minimalist” – wash and hydrate to those who like a more complex regime.

Enjoy a more radiant and clear complexion. iStock_000037855820Small (1)

Chemical Peels and Acne

Do the words “chemical peel” bring to mind images from a sitcom where one of the ladies has pieces of skin falling off?  or a snake shedding its skin?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about “peels”.  Done in a doctors office, a peel can give beautiful results – glowing, smooth and radiant skin.    Often there is no peeling! They can be used to help pigmentation (dark spots), acne, acne scars and smoothen out rough skin.

There are several products and strengths.  The most popular are glycolic, salicylic and trichloracetic acid.  The depth of the peel also can be controlled, ranging from very superficial to deeper peels.     Darker skinned individuals may also receive treatments, but only certain regimes are safe.  In most cases it is important to have a skin regime to help maintain the health of the skin.



Frown Lines

Otherwise known as “angry lines” or “elevens”, these are the lines between the eyebrows that make one look angry , mad or tired even when you are rested.  That is when people say they have to do something about it.

The most effective treatment is by relaxing the muscles that cause the frown.  This is done with injection of Botulinum by a qualified professional.  The muscles then eventually relax and the overlying skin will look more flat and even.  The effect is a more relaxed and youthful look.

At Clarite we use only brand name products and ONLY our medical director performs the injections.

Excess Sweating Underarms

This is a condition that affects about 2% of the population and can be embarrassing. Sweaty hands can prevent people from shaking hands and if the problem is underarm sweating then it is embarrassing to raise ones hands.  It can also be costly for ruining clothes or sending cllothes to the dry cleaners frequently. this is a treatable medical condition. Topical products work best if applied at night. Other options include botulinum toxin.  Most plans cover the cost of the medication but not of the injection fee. This is a very effective treatment for underarm perspiration.  At Clarite we have many happy patients who no longer worry about excess sweating.

Rosacea – What’s New

Significant new treatments have emerged lately for rosacea.

Rosacea usually involves chronic redness of the skin, sometimes with broken blood vessels or capillaries.  It is important to avoid heat, or triggers such as alcohol or spicy foods.  In the past doctors could offer antibiotics and suggest gentle cleanser.

Health Canada has approved brimonidine gel in a topical form for the daily treatment of rosacea.  It is well tolerated and can work within 20 min to 3 hours to control the flushing.  How does it work?  It reaches the capillaries and causes them to constrict, thereby causing less redness.

At Clarite Laser, our medical director has been prescribing this medication since its release with positive feedback from our patients.  Visits for rosacea are OHIP covered.

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scars are permanent marks caused by cystic or deep acne  that has healed from the past.  This can be a psychologically upsetting skin condition for many.  Women can try and camouflage this by make-up, but men cannot.

At Clarite we have had good results with acne scar treatments using specialized equipment and procedures.  At the time of this Blog, we are the only Ottawa clinic using the eDermastamp on the face  with great success.  After ensuring the acne is under control, treatments may start.   We condition the skin prior to treatment, then ONLY a physician performs the treatment and selects the appropriate compounds to be used for enhancing the results.   After the treatment, the skin can remain red for a couple of days.  For more information, call us at 613-822-7956

Clarite now offers the Ideal Protein ® Weight Loss System!

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We are providing weight loss councilors, and the complete range of Ideal Protein ® products.

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